Wristwatch Displays and Ephemera List


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ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 052 - ww displays and paper

052.56 $ 3.00Waltham Watch Company Stock Certificate from 1955, good for framing or whatever, good used condition. (Quantity 48)
052.73 $ 24.00Seiko promotional 35mm film camera, nos in original box, still wrapped, with soft case, signed.
052.82 $ 15.00Accutron Counter/showcase plaque, plastic, vgc except the back piece to hold it in sitting up posistion is missing.
052.89 $ 6.00Trade card calendar month from June, 1953, from Southern Watch Supply Co., Charlotte, NC, vgc.
052.90 $ 9.00Breitling dealer display, cardboard, 8x10 inches, nm, has easel for holding it up.