Pocket Watch Case List

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Items used as described:

ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 041 - pw cases, chains, fobs and boxes

041.252 $ 16.00Keystone 0s pendant case, ygf, swivel neck, plain polish, vgc, crystal has some nicks.
041.497 $ 20.00Yellow Gold pusher for your vey old kw/kw pw case, 11mm from top to bottom, 6.5mm o.d. gold or at least 1/10th gold cap.
041.530 $ 29.00Pocket watch case with protective holder, 12s base metal openface case in a Keystone made nickle outer holding case, vgc, complete, hard to find.
041.558 $ 45.00Dueber 18 size Silverine case, converted to keywind/keyset, hinged back, bezel and dust cover, very good used condition, has tape holding crystal in. Buyer can restore to stem wind/set or lever set if you have the right stem and sleeve.
041.566 $ 29.00Deuber Silverine 18 size open face case, hinged bezel, case back and dust cover, very good used condition, no crystal, has some rust stains from prior movement getting rusty, should clean up easily and is inside only.
041.572 $ 16.00Illinois Watch Case Co. Defiance model 12 size open face case for your 6 size movement, white base metal, snap back and bezel, good used condition, complete.
ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 230 - Bezels for Pocket Watch Case

230.6 $ 12.00Bezel for Arnex style modern 16s mechanical pw cases, yellow, has crystal, xlnt, approx. 41mm o.d. and 39.3mm where it snaps on to your case.
230.61 $ 17.00Bezel for 6s hunting case, nickel, no crystal, vgc, outside diameter is 37.7mm and where it snaps on is 36.1mm.
230.62 $ 15.00Bezel for 6s hunting case, yellow, no crystal, xlnt, outside diameter is 34.6mm and where it snaps on is 33.4mm, for newer style hc watches.
230.105 $ 21.00Nickel bezel for 12s htg case, came from a Philadelphia case, o.d. is approx 42.6mm o.d. and 40.9mm where it snaps on the case, vgc with glass crystal.
230.128 $ 18.00Bezel for 16s hunting case, nickel, no crystal, 46.5mm outer diameter, and 43.5mm ledge where it snaps on to your case, Vey good used.
230.136 $ 19.00Bezel for your 0 size hunting case if measurements are matching, 32.43 mm outer diameter, 30.7 mm where it snaps on to your case, very good used condition with glass crystal .
230.140 $ 12.00Yellow Hunting case bezel, used with used crystal also, 41.18mm outer diameter for 12 size.