Balance Truing and Poising Tools
Part #
wt7134 Levin poising tool. Perfect ruby jaws. $75.00
wt6662 German made poising tool. Perfect jeweled jaws. $50.00
wt6021 Mini poising tool. Perfect jeweled jaws. $35.00
wt6012 Mini poising tool. Perfect jeweled jaws. $35.00
wt5950 Early brass and steel poising tool. $15.00
wt7162 Balance screw undercutter. All tips are good. $20.00
wt6218 Bergeon balance screw holder. Medium #45. (2 available) $12.00
wt6245 Vigor balance screw holder #1. (11 available) $8.00
wt6244 Vigor balance screw holder #2. (3 available) $8.00
wt6289 Balance screw holder marked #3. (3 available) $8.00
wt6290 Balance screw holder marked #45. $8.00
wt6291 Balance screw holder marked #2. $8.00
wt6451 Balance screw holder (small). $8.00
wt6771 Balance screw holder (small). $8.00
wt4740 Balance screw holder. Small. $8.00
wt6737 Balance wheel wrench. (2 available) $5.00
wt6738 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt6740 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt6945 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt5743 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt6227 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt6229 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt6231 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt6576 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt6271 K&D benchtop caliper. $80.00
wt6273 Antique K&D truing caliper. Handle has been reglued, so it may now just be a cool display piece. $30.00
wt5954 Antique truing caliper. $45.00
wt7151 Truing caliper $15.00
wt6967 Truing caliper $10.00
wt7095 Truing caliper $10.00
wt6652 Truing caliper $10.00
wt6666 Truing caliper. One side has no inserts, possibly for hairsprings. The other side has jeweled inserts. $10.00
wt6126 Vigor mini caliper $10.00
wt5817 Swartchild mini caliper $10.00
wt5756 Kampe caliper $10.00
wt2514 Caliper $5.00
wt2511 Caliper $5.00
Tool234 E.F.B. style caliper. Missing guide. $3.00