Pocket Watch Cases
Part #
18-Size Cases
Case537 18 size base metal case. Pendant or lever set. $45.00

18 size nickel 'U.S. Shipping Board' case. Swing-out. Lever or pendant set. New crystal. These polish up beautifully. (7 available)


Click this link for some information on these U. S. Shipping Board cases.

Case545 18S Illinois Spartan case. Scratching on back. New crystal. Lever or pendant set. $25.00
16-Size Cases
Case567 16S display case. Lever or pendant set. New crystals. No provision for a bow. Could use some more polishing. $50.00
Case530 Slim 16S nickel case. No maker's mark. Pendant set only. New crystal. $40.00
Case500 Hamilton 16S display case bezel. No crystal. $20.00
Case305 Hamilton 16S display case with scarce early 977 tag (serial number 83160). Unmarked bezels that need polishing. Requires a detent stem, such as was used on the 977, as there is no provision for a sleeve or pendant set screw. $80.00
14-Size Cases
12-Size Cases
6-Size Cases
0-Size and Smaller Cases
Case550 Orient 10 year gold filled case in nice condition. Plain back. New crystal. $40.00
European Cases

Nice, all consistent and original, English silver pair case. If I'm reading my hallmarks right, this is London, 1838. The movement dial plate diameter would be 46.90mm. The bezel hinge pin is missing (I can supply one) but the tubes are intact. High dome bullseye crystal shows many years of wear. Plain back. $165.00
Case560 Lightweight pair case. Not sure about the hallmarks, but it appears to be silver. A bit lumpy. Dial diameter is 47.7mm. $75.00
Case535 Interesting M. J. Tobias Detached Lever case. Inner brass movement carrier. Outer case has 'fake' hallmarks, although it has the look and feel of gold. Inside diameter of the carrier is 45.5mm. New bullseye crystal. $90.00
Case425 English sterling silver case. 49.3mm outside diameter, 41.7 inside. Marks appear to be London 1891. Maker mark is C.H. $55.00

'Fine Silver' pocket watch case. Probably Swiss for the English market since it is not hallmarked. The only marks are 'F.P.', a crown and 'Fine Silver'.

Overall width of the case is about 51mm. Inside diameter is 42.4mm. Inside back plate diameter is 41.6mm.

New bullseye crystal. (The photo shows the old scratched crystal. I've since replaced it.)