Pin Vises and Tool Holders
Part #
wt7816 Tiny collet holding pin vise. Collet is threaded on the inside. Collet hole size is 15. $25.00
wt7100 Hand held vise. $15.00
wt7495 Hand held vise. $15.00
wt6991 Hand held vise. $15.00
wt7325 Extra large pin vise. Come with both round and square jaws. $10.00
wt7326 Pin vise or tool holder. $8.00
wt7768 Tool holder. $5.00
wt7324 Set of pin vises. Made in India. $5.00
wt6332 Sliding ring pin vise with brass insert. $20.00
wt7212 Sliding ring pin vise with brass insert. (2 available) $20.00
wt7211 Sliding ring pin vise with brass insert. $20.00
wt6456 Sliding ring pin vise. $10.00
wt7191 Sliding ring pin vise. (2 available) $10.00
wt6928 Sliding ring pin vise. Handle has a crack that does not affect operation. $10.00
wt6312 Antique bone and brass pin vise, set up as a dip oiler. $8.00
wt5602 Antique tool holder. $8.00
wt7030 Starrett pin vise. $7.00
wt7010 Sliding ring pin vise. $5.00
wt5776 Pin vise. (2 available) $5.00
wt7215 Pin vise $5.00
wt7208 Pin vise $5.00
wt7152 Pin vise $5.00
wt6498 Pin vise $5.00
wt6454 Pin vise $5.00
wt5604 X-acto double pin vise $5.00
wt6224 Pin vise. (2 available) $5.00
wt6223 Pin vise $5.00
wt6084 Pin vise $5.00
wt4353 Tool holder. $5.00
wt6146 Pin vise. $5.00
wt6061 Pin vise. $5.00
wt5320 Pin vise. $5.00
wt5257 Pin vise. $5.00
wt5062 Pin vise. $5.00
wt5015 Pin vise. $5.00
wt4503 Pin vise. (2 available) $5.00
wt4761 Pin vise. $5.00
wt4762 Pin vise. $5.00
wt4766 Pin vise. $5.00
wt4767 Pin vise. $5.00
wt4768 Pin vise. $5.00
wt4770 Pin vise. (4 available) $5.00
wt4771 Pin vise. $5.00
wt4774 Pin vise. $5.00
wt4775 Pin vise. $5.00
wt4070 Pin vise. (5 available) $5.00
wt3760 Pin vise. $5.00
wt2489 Pin vise. $5.00
wt2981 Double-ended pin vise $5.00
wt2278 Double-ended pin vise (8 available) $5.00
wt1808 Small pin vise $5.00
wt4926 Pin vise $4.00
wt1732 Double ended pin vise. (2 available) $5.00