Mystery Tools and Other Stuff
Part #
wt8469 Bergeon blower. $12.00
wt8431 Clamping tool. $10.00
wt8294 Movado Factories tool. $40.00
wt8197 Diamond tipped tool. $20.00
wt8202 Glass cutting tool. $5.00
wt8203 Clamp set for Dazor lamp. $10.00
wt7891 'Favorite' brand tool set. $75.00

Pivot-Master pivot straightener. Unfortunately, only one 'front end' and one 'back end' are present out of the four that the set originally came with. The one that is there looks like the largest.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt7852 K&D parallel clamp of some sort. $30.00
wt8151 Black & Decker polishing accessory set. $15.00
wt7801 Mystery tools. $20.00
wt7470 Watch sized depthing tool. Poor box. $45.00
wt7955 Watch sized depthing tool. $30.00
wt7954 Watch sized depthing tool. $30.00
wt7633 Unknown Bergeon tool. $10.00
wt7423 Alcohol lamp with cap. $15.00
wt7165 Alcohol lamp with cap. $15.00
wt8152 Alcohol lamp $12.00
wt7164 Alcohol lamp $12.00
wt7656 Powa-Kraft punch set $5.00
wt6540 Cutting device for repeat cutting of small tubes. See patent 2121752 for information on how it works. Needs a bit of cleaning up. $50.00


Cast iron clamp-on bench plate.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt6537 Scoop for gathering up small parts on the bench top. $10.00
wt6713 Mystery tool. $25.00
wt5953 Mystery tool. Opens like a movement holder. $40.00
wt6574 Blower. $5.00
wt8015 Set of 3 plug adapters. $10.00
wt7982 Stanley line level. $5.00
wt8038 Line level. $5.00
wt6234 Plastic level. $5.00
wt7879 Level. $3.00
wt6732 Fitrite tool. $5.00
wt6297 Small Elgin tool. $10.00
wt6331 Set of two screwhead finishing runners. $30.00
wt6511 Antique mystery tool. $10.00
wt6906 Vigor carbide scribe replacement tip. (2 available) $8.00
wt5417 Anealing tool. $15.00
wt5152 L 970 499.9 tool. $15.00
wt5151 EBA 200.9 tool $15.00
wt8346 Balance tack. $10.00
wt5364 Balance tack. $10.00
wt6982 Balance tack. $8.00
wt8413 Tongs. Brass with steel tips. $15.00
wt7500 Antique engravers transfer roller. $5.00
wt4924 Screw holder. $15.00
wt6936 Mystery tool. $10.00
wt4655 Mystery tool. $25.00
wt6336 Ticket punch. Punches a diamond pattern. $15.00
wt4651 Ticket punch. $15.00
wt7992 Lietz surveyor's sight. $10.00
wt7449 Plumb bob. $10.00
wt4654 Mystery tool. $10.00
wt8467 Picks. $5.00
wt5548 Small benchtop clamp. $8.00
wt5538 Small clamp $10.00
wt7871 Mascot 36R screw plate. $20.00
wt8251 Martin 48B screw plate. $25.00
wt8291 Martin 36L screw plate. $20.00
wt8388 Martin 36E screw plate. $20.00
wt6835 Martin 42L screw plate. $20.00
wt6834 #40 screw plate. $20.00
wt4440 Martin 30 L screw plate. $15.00
wt4835 Martin 16 L screw plate. $10.00
wt3317 Martin 36 B screw plate. $20.00
wt4794 Latard 40 screw plate. $15.00
wt3594 42L screw plate. Broken end. $10.00
wt4046 #20 Martin screw plate. $10.00
wt7378 Screw plate. $10.00
wt4047 #8 screw plate. $10.00
wt6055 Screw plate. $5.00
wt4515 Screw plate. $15.00
wt4048 Screw plate. $10.00
wt7518 Screw plate. $20.00
wt3751 Mystery tool. $5.00
wt3480 Mystery tool. $8.00
wt3297 Mystery tool. $5.00
wt1694 Pin tongue vise. $25.00
wt1682 Linotype machine justifying spacer. Patent #1635960 $10.00
wt1658 Mystery tool $5.00