Watch Oil and Oiling Tools
Part #
wt6207 Oil cup. $10.00
wt5899 Oil cup. $8.00
wt5970 Oil cup. $8.00
wt5898 Oil cup. $8.00
wt5938 Oil cup. $8.00
wt5939 Oil cup. $8.00
wt5781 Elgin oil. Little over half bottle. I don't know how old this is. $5.00
wt6147 Set of two dip oilers. $5.00
wt5309 Dip oiler handle. $5.00
wt5162 Dip oiler replacement tips. Set of 3. (2 sets available) $10.00
wt3017 Bergeon #2718P oiler tip. New. $15.00