Material Assortments
Part #
Mat432 Assortment of timing washers for pocket watches. $20.00
Mat426 Small assortment of dial washers for pocket watches. (10 available) $8.00
Mat408 Assortment of pocket watch collets from LaRose. $20.00
Mat407 Assortment of pocket watch collets from LaRose. $20.00
Mat404 Assortment of pocket watch collets. $35.00
Mat409 Assortment of pocket watch regulator pins. $20.00
Mat399 Assortment of American pallet forks. Other than the one marked "Elgin x616", I don't know what they go to. $40.00
Mat413 HR assortment of bracelet set springs. $10.00
Mat414 Fitrite assortment of bracelet circular click springs. $10.00
Mat415 HR assortment of bracelet click springs. $10.00
Mat354 Assortment of wrist and small pocket watch dial washers. $10.00
Mat376 Assortment of waterproof pendant posts. $10.00
Mat380 Assortment of wrist watch crowns. $25.00
Mat382 Assortment of Seiko spring bars. $20.00
Mat263 Assortment of waterproof gaskets. 25 sizes, appears nearly full. $35.00
Mat318 Assortment of dial washers for smaller watches. (4 available) $10.00
Mat232 Bestfit assortment of swiss rollers with jewel. Only 2 empty bottles. $35.00
Mat235 Fitrite #110 assortment of bracelet watch stems. Two missing bottles and one empty. $60.00
Mat377 Bulova assortment of two piece stems. $15.00
Mat378 Bulova assortment of water resistant crowns. $15.00
Mat395 Nobel brand spring bar assortment. $10.00
Mat396 Bestfit crown assortment $15.00
Mat397 Swartchild stem assortment. $20.00
Mat379 Gasket assortment for waterproof cases. $10.00
Mat391 Assortment of Swiss barrel arbors $10.00

Assortment of Timex stems and crowns.

Additional shipping charge applies if you want the case.


Electroglas crystal assortment.

Additional shipping charge applies.

Mat231 Bestfit assortment of Swiss pin lever stems. Every bottle has at least one stem. About half have two. $30.00
Mat216 Assortment of Newall waterproof case tubes. $20.00
Mat238 Assortment of wrist watch crowns. $25.00
Mat215 Assortment of Quick Fit waterproof crowns. $15.00
Mat373 Assortment of nickel adjustable spring bars. Gold tips. $15.00
Mat374 Assortment of double shoulder spring bars. $10.00
Mat372 Assortment of double shoulder spring bars. $20.00
Mat369 Assortment of Bergeon waterproof rubber tightening rings. 27 left. $20.00
Mat368 Assortment of Bergeon waterproof thin tightening rings. 14 left. $20.00
Mat370 Assortment of Borel waterproof o-rings. $30.00
Mat371 Assortment of Borel waterproof gaskets. $30.00
Mat212 Assortment of waterproof gaskets. $20.00
Mat211 Assortment of Swartchild waterproof gaskets. $20.00
Mat304 Assortment of Borel waterproof gaskets. $10.00
Mat365 Assortment of steel stock. $10.00
Mat189 Steel spring wire. Sizes available are 16, 18, 24, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40. $10.00 per size
Mat190 Brass tension wire. Sizes available are 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. $8.00 per size
Mat166 Borel assortment of thin o-ring gaskets. $25.00
Mat198 Bottle of small nickel rivets. $10.00
Mat077 Assortment of pin lever balance staffs. (2 available) $25.00
Mat017 Assortment of hairspring stud taper pins. At least 15 pins in each assortment. $8.00
Mat016 Replacement dial feet. 3 each of 2 different sizes. The larger size has a post that is 1.27mm in diameter and is 4.25mm long. The smaller one has a post that is 1.10mm in diameter and is 2.60mm long. Includes 6 solder disks. $8.00
Mat018 Replacement hollow copper dial feet. 20 feet. $5.00