Other Jeweler's Tools
Part #
wt6925 J. R. W. & Sons Diamond Cutters diamond holder. $10.00
wt6896 Jeweler's saw frame. $15.00
wt5821 Jeweler's saw frame. $15.00
wt6959 Bundle of jeweler's saw blades. $5.00


Vintage dapping block and tools. Tools have been stored well oiled and will need to be cleaned prior to use.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt5650 Bundle of jeweler's saw blades. (12 available) $5.00
wt6274 Antique 3 prong stone holder. $15.00
wt6734 Advertising diamond (carat) gauge. (2 available) $8.00
wt6471 Moe diamond weight gauge. $5.00
wt6267 Stone gauge. $8.00
wt6072 3 prong stone holder. $5.00
wt6054 Drawplate. $10.00
wt6035 Ring holder. $10.00
wt5755 Wax sculpting tool? $8.00
wt4801 Draw plate. $15.00

Steel ring sizer.

Additional shipping charge applies.


Antique ring sizer.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt4404 Rathbun ring sizer. With box and instructions. $15.00
wt4194 Engraving base. 5 inch diameter. $15.00
wt4195 Engraving vise base. 5 inch diameter. $15.00
wt3951 Beading tool. $6.00
wt3479 Ring buff stick. Worn at the end. $5.00
wt6610 Beaver ring cutter. $10.00
wt3674 Ring cutter. $5.00
wt2242 Ring clamp $8.00
wt1219 Engravers letter set. Unfortunately, many letters are missing. $5.00
wt1195 Dapping punch. $4.00