Hand Pullers and Setters
Part #
wt6667 M&S combination hand and cannon pinion puller. (See instructions at bottom of this page.) (2 available) $35.00
wt5799 Presto cannon pinion and hand puller. (2 available) $15.00
wt5886 Presto cannon pinion and hand puller. Chip out of knob. $10.00
wt6642 Presto style cannon pinion and hand puller. $10.00
wt6703 Hand puller. $10.00
wt6704 Hand puller. $10.00
wt6127 Hand puller. $10.00
wt5004 Bergeon #6016 hand and sweep wheel puller. $30.00
wt5905 Pair of steel levers. One has a small slot cut in it. $25.00
wt6191 Double ended lever. $15.00
wt5955 Bergeon plastic handle lever. $15.00
wt5904 Steel lever. $15.00
wt5902 Lever. $10.00
wt6725 Lever. 1.5mm wide end. $5.00
wt6724 Lever. 2.0mm wide end. $5.00
wt6723 Lever. 3.5mm wide end. $5.00
wt6722 Lever. 4.75mm wide end. $8.00
wt6727 Lever. 1.6mm wide end. $5.00
wt6726 Lever. 2.0mm wide end. $5.00
wt6728 Lever. 1.6mm wide end. $5.00
wt6729 Lever. 1.6mm wide end. $5.00