Drills, Burrs, Millers, Broaches
Part #
wt5735 Set of HR crown reamers and taps. One large tap missing. $70.00
wt5736 Set of Elgin taps. Numbered 1 through 27. $45.00
wt5751 Quick-Fit tap, drill and screw assortment. $20.00
wt5660 Jeweler's burr set. Looks unused. $20.00
wt5424 Jeweler's tap and die set. $50.00
wt5405 Pivot drills. $15.00
wt4865 Crown tap set. Missing one. $8.00
wt5772 Extra fine Swiss pivot broaches. $10.00
wt5762 Set of taps. $8.00
wt4691 Small drilling and centering lathe. $20.00
wt4869 Brass frame $10.00
wt4845 Assorted watch cutting broaches. $10.00
wt5273 Automatic center punch $4.00
wt4851 Watch counterbore set. $20.00
wt4850 Watch counterbore set. $20.00
wt4846 Watch counterbore set. $20.00
wt4221 Watch counterbore set. 2 smallest are worn. $8.00
wt4061 Crown tap set. About half are broken. $10.00
wt3605 Set of watch screw countersink tools. $15.00
wt4786 Antique extractors. $15.00
wt3630 Set of Buser burrs. $15.00
wt3002 Hollow punch. $4.00