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Keystone Howard 16-size Series '0' 23 jewel pocket watch. Ruby banking pins. Serial number 1316090. Housed in a beautiful Keystone Extra Howard marked case. Double sunk dial has a small edge hairline at the 37 minute mark that is hidden by the bezel, otherwise perfect. Runs and sets properly. Unknown when last serviced.


Fabulous verge fusee pocket watch made by James Penny of Wells. It is numbered 101. James Penny is listed in Loomes as working in Wells between 1750 and 1760, although some features of this watch would indicate a date later in the 1700's. (Perhaps a son or other relative?) The case appears to be gilt brass, most of which is worn off the outer case. The gilding on the inner case is largely intact. The diameter of the inner case is 43mm. The dial is in excellent condition, as is the thick bullseye crystal. The hands may be mismatched. The watch is running but has not been recently serviced.


Waltham 8-size, 11 jewel, Model 1873, Royal, gold flashed, pocket watch. Serial number 2281298. Housed in a A. W. Co. 14K solid gold 'drum' style case. Case with springs weighs 32 grams. There is a slight dent in the back of the case. Runs sluggishly and sets propertly. Unknown when last serviced.