Clock Repair Tools
Part #
wt6155 Complete Webster mainspring winding set. Like new. $175.00
wt6173 Closing punches. Made in India. $20.00
wt6201 Pivot burnisher and file. $20.00
wt5770 Clock bushing kit. One of those where you can insert a screw in bushing without disassembling the movement. $15.00
wt5810 Pitkin's antibreak clock pegwood. At least 10 sticks remain. $8.00
Mat394 Lot of clock hand washers. $10.00
wt5771 Pivot burnisher $10.00
wt5448 Set of hole closing punches. $15.00
wt5612 Set of hole closing punches. $15.00
wt5622 Hand puller. $10.00
wt5514 Gear/hand puller. (7 available) $8.00
wt5515 Gear puller? (2 available) $10.00
wt5512 Antique pocket oiler. $10.00
wt5464 Crow's foot. $20.00
wt5497 Horolovar 400-day clock mainspring (16 x 36). $5.00
wt5314 Hand/wheel puller. $10.00
wt5472 Dial washers $5.00
wt5549 Clock keys $20.00
wt5476 Clock keys $10.00
wt5477 Clock keys $10.00
wt4685 Lot of double ended clock keys. $30.00
wt4688 Lot of 3 English clock keys. $10.00
wt4717 Lot of 2 German clock keys. $8.00
wt4687 Lot of 2 iron clock keys. $15.00
wt4696 Pair of early clock hands. $10.00
wt4695 Pair of early clock hands. $10.00
wt4677 Porcelain beat scale. $20.00
Mat321 Dial washer assortment. $10.00
wt4536 Set of hole closing punches. Note that the largest one has a broken spring. $25.00
wt4120 Pivot file. $8.00