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Part #
Book238 American Pocket Watches - Beginning to End by Roy Ehrhardt and Bill Meggers. This book is packed with information on American pocket watches and is a must for any serious collector. 480 pages. $60.00
Book217 Britten's Old Clocks and Watches. Eighth edition. 532 pages. $35.00
Book244 Tabletop Machining by Joe Martin. 350 pages. $45.00
Book223 The Watch Repairer's Manual by Henry Freid. 453 pages. (2 available) $35.00
Book220 The Watch Repairer's Manual by Henry Freid. 307 pages. $25.00
Book237 Practical Watch Repairing by Donald DeCarle. 1946 printing. 299 pages. $20.00
Book204 Trade Marks by Ehrhardt. 128 pages. $50.00
Book235 The Elgin Watch Co. by Roy Ehrhardt. 120 pages. $20.00
Book234 The Hamilton Watch Co. by Roy Ehrhardt. 64 pages. $15.00
Book232 Foreigh and American Pocket Watch Guide by Roy Ehrhardt. 64 pages. $20.00
Book222 Watch & Clock Encyclopedia by Donald DeCarle. $25.00
Book221 Watchmaker's and Clockmaker's Encyclopedic Dictionary. 252 pages. $25.00
Book219 Watch Collecting by Kenneth Ullyett. 144 pages. $30.00
Book199 Watch Repairing - Cleaning and Adjusting. By F. J. Garrard. 214 pages. $25.00
Book256 American Watchmaker and Jeweler by Henry Abbott, 1908. 367 pages. $20.00
Book208 Seitz jeweling book. 70 pages. (3 available) $35.00
Book205 Illinois Watches - Identification and Price Guide by Roy Ehrhardt. 136 pages. $20.00
Book206 Rockford Watches -Grade and Serial Number Guide by Roy Ehrhardt. 136 pages. (3 available) $25.00
Book252 Original 1923 Illinois Material catalog with 1926 supplement. Rather poor condition. Cover is off and water stains throughout. It is complete, though. $25.00
Book251 Elgin Service Manual. Contains sections on "Aids to Service" and "Parts Interchangeability". $20.00
Book250 Timex 1973 Case and Movement Parts catalog. 183 pages. $15.00
Book243 Vintage American and European Wrist Watch Price Guide book set. $20.00
Book242 G-S catalog No. 65. $15.00
Book213 Undated Bergeon catalog. 563 pages. $20.00
Book202 WatchMaster timing machine handbook. 72 pages. $25.00
Book200 Clock Repairing as a Hobby by Harold C. Kelly. 115 pages. $15.00
Book196 Questions and Answers on Watch and Clock Making from the Elgin Watchmakers College. 40 pages. $15.00
Book192 The Modern Clock by Ward L. Goodrich. 502 pages. $20.00
Book190 Chime Clock Repair by Steven G. Conover. 126 pages. $30.00
Book191 Clock Repair by John R. Pierson. 198 pages $15.00
Book186 Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide. 237 pages. $20.00
Book169 A few hundred pages of Longines technical information in a loose leaf binder. Some Certina pages at the end. $100.00
Book174 Official Catalog of Swiss Watch Repair Parts. $50.00
Book182 Vibrograf watch movement beat books. (2 books in this set.) $40.00
Book181 Vibrograf B200 instruction manual. $25.00
Book138 Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking Training Units. 313 pages. $40.00
Book107 Time and Timekeepers by Willis I. Milham. 1947. 516 pages. $20.00
Book119 The Best of J. E. Coleman Clockmaker. 528 pages. $40.00
Book148 How to Repair Clocks by Eric Smith. 165 pages. $20.00
Book136 Chime Clock Repair by Steven G. Conover. 126 pages. $30.00
Book159 Pocket Watch Price Guide by Roy Ehrhardt. $20.00
Book170 This appears to be course notes on an introduction to timekeeping. Chapters include Story of the Measurement of Time, Details of the Mechanical Watch, Details of the Quartz Watch, The Ruby - The Watchmaker's Jewel, etc. $25.00
Book175 Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry directory. $15.00
Book179 Ebauches SA Stem measurement reference. $10.00
Book183 British to Metric conversion booklet. 101 pages. $4.00
Book117 Watch Material Distributors Catalog of Watch Parts. $20.00
Book165 L&R Varimatic cleaning machine instructions. $25.00
Book163 Watchmaster timing machine instructions. $20.00
Book118 Swartchild's Tool and Material Catalog. 610 pages. $35.00
Book246 LaRose Tool catalog for Vigor, Bergeon and Bestfit. 176 pages. $15.00
Book123 Lot of 5 tool and material catalogs. $45.00
Book116 Vigor Bestfit Bergeon tool catalog. 130 pages. $15.00
Book124 Lot of Bulova technical material from 1973. $35.00
Book114 Bulova Interchangeable Parts Catalog and Supplement. $25.00
Book102 Bulova interchangeable parts book. 236 pages. $25.00
Book128 Timex Model 72 and 74 Service Manual. 16 pages. $15.00
Book121 Gruen material catalog. 89 pages. $20.00
Book061 Swigart Clock catalogs. $12.00
Book064 Marshall Handy Manual of Watch Material. 1954. $12.00
Book057 Vigor, Bergeon, Bestfit tool catalog. 158 pages. $12.00
Book045 Collector's Price Guide to American Pocket Watches. 1977. $10.00
Book030 NAWCC Supplement #19 Eight Day Wood Movement Shelf Clocks. 60 pages. (2 available) $10.00
Book031 NAWCC Supplement #16 Aaron Dodd Crane An American Original. 120 pages. (2 available) $10.00
Book032 NAWCC Supplement #18 The Greek Revival Influence on American Clock Case Design and Empire Clock Case Development. 112 pages. $10.00
Book035 NAWCC Supplement #17 Clockmakers and Clockmaking in Southern Maine. 80 pages. $10.00
Book036 New York Chapter No. 2. A Look at Member's Favorite Timepieces. $8.00
Book039 NAWCC Supplement #13 Heman Clark and the Salem Bridge Shelf Clocks. 104 pages. $10.00
Book050 Clocks and Watches. Hardcover. 80 pages. (2 available) $12.00
Book026 G-S crystal catalog #100 (2 available) $12.00
Book059 Electro-Cylinder crystal catalog #70 $12.00
Book132 Ulysse Nardin catalog and price list from 2004-5. $15.00
sa1309 Citizen analog quartz Multi Chronograph instruction manual. 392 pages. $5.00
sa1310 Citizen Navihawk instruction manual. $5.00
sa1217 Pulsar Technical Guide and Parts List - Caliber Y590. 10 pages. $3.00